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"Capital Complex Group" LLC is the representative of "Stroyspetsmontazh" in Armenia- a company functioning for over 15 years in the Russian construction market.

Due to the high quality construction projects conducted in the cities of Moscow and Vladimir for years "Strospetsmontazh" company has acquired its own prominent position in the Russian construction market enjoying the great trust and demand of the consumers. Since February 2015 several investment projects have been implemented in the construction market in Armenia as well. The goal of the company is to construct only high quality and affordable buildings meeting highest international standards. The best construction professionals are involved in the company whose extensive experience, superior modern materials and innovation technologies allow them to achieve highest quality.

The buildings and facilities built by us stand out by their unique architectural style and creative solutions. Our staff is growing day by day and new jobs are created. The company is in a continuous improvement process putting to use all of the experience, knowledge and scientific achievements to satisfy our customers’ demands.

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"My City" Project  
Town Houses

The construction site is in the Ajapnyak C1 administrative district of Yerevan neighboring the Ashtarak highway. Located far from the hustle and bustle of the city and in an eco-friendly site, you will be able to fully enjoy your rest and relax in your comfortable house.

A private residential complex is designed on this site with the following indicators:

• Construction area: 3820 square meters, 48%

• Green area: 3560 square meters, 45%

• Sidewalks and roads: 445 square meters, 7%

The houses are arranged along the northern and southern parts of the site.

Two main types of adjacently placed residential houses are included in the complex –two-story houses and three-story houses.

The facilities are monolithic constructions with underlying carcass structure. Bases installed in the building are connected to each other through monolithic reinforced concrete. The isolation mode is maintained in the buildings. The buildings have individual water supply and drainage systems. The complex is going to comprise a pharmacy, store, kindergarten and other necessary facilities.

Arrangement of Houses

More than 50 adjacently placed houses are included in the complex. Every house has its own fenced acreage and green zone with the surface of 150 square meters.

It is also possible to buy acreages separately within the complex starting from 150 square meters.

Focusing on affordability and comfort, we have one main goal- construct buildings for the future and further generations.

"MY CITY" complex



Sales manager
(374 91) 94 90 00

Sales manager
(374 91) 94 90 00


What makes "Barekamutyun" business center so unique and distinguished from others or why should you choose specifically "Barekamutyun" business center?

Facilities Complex, universal capital building

The building is located in Arabkir administrative district of Yerevan, at the address of H. Qochar 4. It’s a complete ten-story complex.

Being located in one of the busiest parts of Yerevan, having a primary location, it ensures and guarantees the best conditions for leading any kind of business. 

The building is located right in the neighborhood of Barekamutyun Metro station, which is considered one of the busiest parking spaces in Yerevan.

It is of utmost importance that the building has quite wide and spacious parking lot both at the back yard and the front yard, which is one of the most important conditions for this types of buildings.

Being located on a prominent position and not having any other buildings blocking the front of the building, it has a very strongly expressed and wide facade.

The building has several advantages, such as:

• Close location to the busy transport sector and the metro station

• Has internal green yard

• Café, lounge bar

• Open air cafe bar on top of the tenth floor

• Conference hall

• 24 hour security

• 2 OTIS elevators, each one can carry 1000 kg

• Maintenance services

• Parking lot

• Heating system

• Sunny

• Completely euro-renovated, luminous and comfortable offices

The building is completely renovated with metal-plastic doors and windows from European manufacturers. The floors have been entirely replaced. There is an individual bathroom unit on each floor. Passenger elevators are functioning. Special attention is directed to the security. There is going to be an excellent café in the "Barekamutyun" business center, where the business center employees can spend their lunch time and relax. Our mission is to offer high quality and very affordable areas contributing to the fast growth and development of Your business.



4 Hrachya Kochar Street,
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